Who Do You Need to Be to Succeed In Your Business Goals?

List Building Challenge

Our next assignment in the 30 Day List Building Challenge was to write down who we need to be in order to reach our goals. I am attempting to answer that the best I can.

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This is always a hard question to answer as I really don’t know who I really am. I do know what I am. I am tenacious to a fault. I am determined to make things happen for me and for those around me that I care about. Which brings me to my next one, I care too much sometimes. I care to the point that it drives me to work hard for those I have been entrusted to work with. I tend to go hard or go home. Sometimes this can be a curse because I leave myself open to burnout. I get in such a routine that I get in a rut because I get so good at what I am doing that soon it becomes boring, mundane and lacks the challenge that it once was when it was still a fairly new skill set.

With that being said just because these are a mixed bag of traits doesn’t mean I can’t use them to my advantage. This is why I look for challenges to get involved in online that test my tech skills. I also look for opportunities offline that allow me to grow accordingly. So I guess who do I need to be in order to make this challenge a success as well as succeed in my business is someone that recognizes that I have faults yet figures out how to use those faults and turn them into strengths.

I need to be someone who can recognize when I need to re-direct my energy when I feel like I am about to hit burnout. I just need to remember not to take too much of a break so I don’t lose focus of my end game. I think I did a fairly good job of this last year. I had enough variety in projects and freelance gigs that I didn’t feel burned out. Ironically focus was my word for 2015.

So what does all of this talking about my faults have to do with you? Don’t be afraid to figure out how to turn your negative traits into something that can be a positive. Don’t be someone who is afraid to admit to themselves that you aren’t getting what you need in life to make you a success. Reach out when you need to. I always tell people the only dumb question is the one that doesn’t get asked.

I am turning it over to you who do you need to be in order to succeed in your business this year? Share with me in the comments below.


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