What Picks Me Up When I Am Feeling Down #NaBloPoMo

It’s no secret to most that know me that I suffer from moderate depression. It isn’t to the point I want to hurt myself but I do get a sense of discouragement as well as overall frustration with things.

When I get to that point I have to sit back for a moment and figure out what it is about the situation that has me on edge and then I reflect on the serenity prayer. I ask myself if I can control the situation and if I can what can I do to change it. If I can’t control it I have to dig very deep to accept it and move on. There are times when I really have to recite this more than just a couple of times. The serenity prayer goes like this: God grant me the courage to accept the things I can not change, change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

On a more superficial level I love looking at Mustang cars. There is nothing I like best than to drool over a few nice bodies. I also love to lose myself in games. Some folks get bent out of shape about games on Facebook, not me. I use them to zone out and figure out problems.

I enjoy shopping for wine paraphernalia. My kitchen is slowly turning into the wine themed kitchen I have been wanting for as long as I have lived in this house.

Most importantly though I enjoy my kids. Anthony is such an amazingly loving child. When I am down or upset he picks up on it and always knows how to make me feel better. I have re-connected with my son Aaron whom I gave up for adoption 24 years ago. He is so intelligent and put together. Having a conversation with him is very enjoyable.



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