What Is Fiverr® and Why Does It Make Good Business Sense?

Why does Fiverr® make good business sense and why bother with a service where you’re literally starting at $5 in what you charge to do something for someone? Also What is Fiverr®? Click To Tweet


I am going to give you the low down from my experience.

But first some back story. I joined Fiverr® about two yrs ago and for the first maybe 5 months or so I didn’t do much with it. I had joined a FedEx $25 K small business grant contest and was looking for a way to increase my chances of getting the votes I needed so I bought a few Gigs® to help me out. The experience with the sellers was good and helped reassure me that Fiverr® was a legit above board site. After a bit I decided that maybe I should put together some Gigs®. I mean who wouldn’t like to earn a few bucks here and there right? I looked at what others were doing in the niche I wanted to set up some gigs in which is social marketing.

I had to think about what could I offer that was fairly quick to deliver, and would make sense in the Fiverr® economy/marketplace. The other thing that I struggled with during the initial days of creating Gigs® and promoting them was that I didn’t want what I was doing on Fiverr® to diminish the services I offer at a much higher rate. At some point the light bulb went on. I figured out how to make working Fiverr® work for my main business. I decided to look at it as creating micro marketing bits to entice people to work with me on a bigger scale later on down the road as their finances allowed. I also looked at it as a way to build a client base. The other thing I have kept in mind is to use the mind set that this is a low risk investment for buyers and I began pushing that when I marketed my Gigs® and still do to this day.

So now that I have given you some back story I know you’re wondering “What is Fiverr®?”

I will let them tell you a little bit about themselves here straight from their blog.

“Fiverr® is a better way to purchase the business services you need, whether it’s digital content development, search engine optimization, or advertising. Think about how you buy these services today. Do a Google search? Ask people you know? You study websites and make phone calls, but it’s often very difficult to assess whether the service provider will meet your expectations.”

You can read more at the Fiverr blog.

You don’t have to charge just $5 for a service, there are increments to choose from. My advice to you is that to use that as a baseline. With my Tweet Your Promotion Five Times a Day for Two Days Gig® I based my price like this: The buyer is getting 10 tweets for $.50 a tweet. So that equals $5. For my Pin Your Promotion to the Top of My Facebook Page Gig ® I figured it out like this: You can pin a post for 5 days so they are getting 5 days for a dollar a day. My Pin Your Promotion to the Top of My Twitter Feed Gig® is just a flat rate and stays until whatever promotion has expired.

You can offer Gig® extras too as a way to entice buyers to get more work from you. I suggest that you be way more creative in this offering. Think in terms of what added benefit would a buyer want from my main Gig® or what would I want as an added benefit if I was a buyer looking at my Gig®. Gig® extras are not mandatory so you don’t have to use them, but I wanted to give a brief explanation in my own words what they are and how you can use them.

After you have done so many Gigs® you get awarded level one top seller which is where I am at currently. I am 10% away from level 2 top seller which you get after you have had 50 orders with an excellent rating within a two month time span or thereabouts. I am working for that too trust me.

See once you get to that point then it shows that you are a trustworthy person to do business with and it will instill confidence in people who want to work with you further not just on Fiverr® but also on other things outside of the site.

So I hope this information has given you the impetus to give Fiverr® a try. In future posts I will go into how to set a Gig® up, how to get paid, how to read your analytics and so on.

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