#Takeaday in May

This month Keri from Idea Girl Media brought back the Likeable League Facebook Group project #Takeaday In May activity. The premise is that you sign up for a day to showcase yourself, your business and projects your involved in and have coming down the pike.  This past Monday I led off the #Takeaday event. We are allowed to have 5 posts spread out throughout the day. I only did four but that was because I kind of combined a couple of items. I would love to share with you what I shared with the group in a four part post.

Part 1

Today I am honored to be the one who leads off ‪#‎takeaday‬. Let me introduce myself. My name is Joe Cheray. I live in Topeka Kansas and am a Kansas native. I have a wonderful son named Anthony who is in middle school. I have another son who reconnected with me last year. I say re-connected because I gave him up for adoption when I was 18. I have three cats. Their names are Princess, Gracie and Dot.

I love Mustang Cars, roses, hearts, a cool chilled glass of chardonnay, chocolate hard rock and heavy metal.

My foray into digital art is what brought me into social media marketing.

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