#Takeaday in May Part 4: My Projects

This is the last post for my #Takeaday in May series as far as it pertains to what I posted in the group. I told Keri I would be doing a wrap up post after this one as a way to summarize for people what I take away from collaboration activities like this.

#‎Takeaday‬: My current projects are as follows: My Fiverr gig. I had a goal to reach level one top seller and have reached that. Now my goal is to reach level 2 top seller. The higher your level the more gig extra’s you can offer, the more gig extra’s you can offer the more money you can make.

I cleared about $40 last month which isn’t bad for really getting serious just about over the course of a month or so promoting my current gig.I figure this is a good low risk low cost way for people to try me out and if they like what I can do for them then they have the option to contact me in the future for more work or for higher priced services.

The other project that I have been promoting is my Confessions of a Welfare Mom Vol 2 book I co-authored with about 16 other women from all walks of life who have been in the system, are in the system or trying to get out of the system. This was born out of the second speech I gave at the ‪#‎140conf‬ The State of You conference in New York City. I found out about this project around the time I was prepping for that conference and when I came home I got to the business of putting my submission together. I used the notes from my speech to craft my story.

Please see me for more details on either project.

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