#Takeaday in May An Intro About My Business

Yesterday I shared my first post in regards to my #Takeaday activity in the Likeable League Facebook Group. Today I am sharing my second post where I give an in depth intro about my business.

#‎takeaday‬ An Intro about my business:

So I set the stage with my last post about what brought me into social media marketing. I had two introductory attempts at blogging back in 2006’ish. I had one weight loss blog and another digital art blog that was originally going to be for more erotic, dark digital pieces. When I started to do my weight loss blog I came across a 10 day e-course on blogging by Wendy Piersall and I thought to myself that I wanted to give my weight loss blog a little more polish so I took the course and it started to come together pretty nicely. I became active in her community over at e-Moms and came across a blogging intern opportunity.

The blogging intern opportunity was a 6 mo course studying and using Yaro Starak’s Blog Mastermind.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ViNyDG70A8]

I learned more about how to be a more professional blogger and decided after I had taken my weight loss blog about as far as I wanted to take it that I would go back to the drawing board with my digital art blog. During this time I also found Ed Dale’s 30 Day Challenge and between Ed and Yaro things started to click.

I immersed myself in the digital art world as much as I possibly could. I found anything I could get my hands on in regards to Paint Shop Pro. I used my blog as a way to show what I was learning, sharing resources and sharing my processes.

Unfortunately I had a bad web host company and due to their inability to hire good programmers for their billing interface I had issue after issue trying to pay for my hosting and eventually had to leave my blog behind.

I had let things go for awhile and decided that I missed blogging. It had become such an big part of who I was at the time that I felt like I had lost an identity. So I started another blog where I blogged about all things I found useful on the Internet. Well as luck would have it finances conspired against me and I ended up having to let that blog go. I had built it up so much it was heat breaking to let it go. Again I felt bereft because after a time I felt I had lost part of my identity.

So in 2011 I decided to get serious about making a go of making a business out of social media marketing. I decided that I would carry my name from digital art over to my social media business and that is how Wildheart Social Media was born. My digital art blog was titled Wildheart’s Works. I took a business feasibility class and graduated.

I still blog periodically. However, I have become more involved in Twitter chats and Facebook groups looking for ways to share my expertise with others and connect with people who are in similar niches to collaborate in activities like this.

I realize this was more of a story than an introduction but I couldn’t do an introduction without giving an extensive back story.

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