Sheryl Brown: Fan of the Week in the Wildheart Social Media Community

Sheryl Brown has been my fan of the week over at my page on Facebook. I decided to go one step above the standard monthly recognition I was doing through my Booshaka app. I wanted to really reward people for genuinely engaging on my page every month. So This year I decided that I would give them exposure on all my channels for one week. I built this off of a webinar I listened to where Amy Porterfield talked about how Dunkin Donut’s rewards fans with a fan of the week spotlight on their Facebook cover.

I got to thinking why not take this several steps above what Dunkin’ Donuts did and offer my fan of the month not only a spotlight fan of the week on my cover, but also a pinned post on my page. Then, I decided I would give them a post on my business page on G+ and I would also tweet about them and their business a couple times a during the week. I also decided that they would get a blog post here on my blog and they would get a special shout out on a special newsletter.

I really wanted to reward people for engaging. I think if people feel they are being valued and getting rewarded accordingly then they will be better brand advocates.

Sheryl really deserved this in so many ways because she is a genuine engager outside of the friendly competition in my community. She actively participates in activities in our Likeable League – An Idea Girl Community over on Facebook. She engages regularly on my news feed. She also tries hard to learn how to use social media. She just “gets” the social in social media and social networking.

She is a dual modality creative. Her passion is taking paintings she creates and then turning them into scarf patterns. I had never seen this done anywhere. If there is another one out there that does this I will eat my words. 🙂

Here is what she has to say about herself as taken off of my Facebook page.

“My artistic side really shines out whether I’m playing with color on a canvas, co-creating action strategies with coaching clients or brainstorming conflict solutions with a couple in therapy. When I paint, it comes out in intense bursts of vivid color and light, shaped like sun, sky, mountains and sea, often on the abstract side. My process resembles a walk in the woods – you never know what’s around the next corner. I typically use acrylics on canvas, now adding wearable art to my repertoire. My paintings are now also becoming silk scarves..! I am known for my use of color. My love affair with color goes back in time to when I collected colored stones and glass chips, and painted on stray surfaces. Yes, there are stories there..! Though my style has been compared to certain famous painters, I am largely self-taught and do not aspire to fit into any particular category.. must be the Maverick in me..! I mostly play with color and textures and see where it all leads.

As an Artist, Coach and Marriage & Family Therapist, I practice art in more ways than one..!”

You can find Sheryl at all these great places.

  1. Blogs – Sheryl Brown | Sheryl Brown Art | soon to be relaunched as WP –
  2. Facebook –
  3. Twitter –
  4. Pinterest –
  5. LinkedIn –
  6. YouTube –


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