Sharing Some Lesser Known Equally Important Accomplishments

I am not one to overtly tout my accomplishments. Why? I am not sure. I think that I still have issues from being told I was never going to amount to anything by my grandfather almost on a consistent basis. He would also add in just for added rubbing of the open wound he created that I was just like my mother when he said these words. I have fought so hard to show the world that I am more than just some little girl with a very screwed up childhood. It’s even more hurtful when your own family does nothing to recognize the accomplishments that you have made in your life, professionally and personally. Sadly I have pretty much written my family off with the exception of my brothers and two sons. I figure if anyone else wants to be part of my life as far as family is concerned then they need to do the work to be in my life because I am pretty much done trying to prove to them that I am worth part of being in the family.
I don’t want to dwell on that anymore. What I do want to do is share with you a few things I have accomplished. This list is not exhaustive it is a snippet of a bigger picture. I will most likely do another list at another time down the road.These things contributed to my pursuit of the world of social media.

1. I started a weight loss support group online called Kansans and Friends In Weight Loss. It had a successful run as it were for about 2 yrs. It started as a Yahoo group and was at that time called NEKSareaWLC. After the original moderator decided she didn’t have time to develop the group any further I took over the reins.
2. I was a contributing writer to a weight loss challenge newsletter called The Challenger.
3. During this time I got to attend an event in Toronto Canada called Lifefest where I got to meet Billy Blanks of the Tai Bo kickboxing fitness DVD fame. I also got to meet Charles Ciccarella who was on the Dr. Phil show during the initial Dr. Phil UWLC.
4. I was able to report on what I experienced there for extra credit for a college course.
5. I am a self-taught digital artist. During my time running the weight loss group a fellow group member turned me on to Paint Shop Pro. I was very interested in what she was doing and I asked her what program she was using to make the images she was putting in the group and the rest as they say is history. I bought the program and submerged myself in learning everything I could.
6. After a time I decided I wanted to show others what I learned and started a digital design blog.
7. I was the only independent blogger in Topeka who created a DVD for the Chinese delegates gifting us with the Chinese Lantern Light Friendship Sculpture that went to the delegates.
8. I have been a visible advocate for my son when there are policy changes that need public input.
9. I have also been a visible advocate for domestic violence issues here in my community.
10. My biggest and brightest accomplishments though are my two sons Aaron and Anthony. Both have taught me the true meaning of selflessness.



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