Likeable League #Takeaday Roundup with Sheryl Brown

Sheryl is well one of the most active people online that I have met. She supports everyone and is always rocking my page and supporting me on all social media channels. She has been celebrated as my Fan of the Week here on my blog and elsewhere on social media because she earned the top fan of the month on my Facebook page. She is up for every activity that Keri puts out to the group and if she doesn’t know something she is never afraid to ask for help. She is another one of those that “Gets” the social in social media.

To learn more about her visit her site at Sheryl Brown Art. Now to let her tell you a little about herself in her own words.

The best way I like to capture myself in a nutshell is using this one liner.. “As an Artist, Coach and Marriage & Family Therapist, I practice art in more ways than one..!” I see ‪#‎Creativity‬ and ‪#‎Healing‬ being two themes that run through everything I do.
I am thrilled to be part of ‪#‎TakeaDay‬ and ‪#‎LikeableLeague‬. The networking here has been singularly warm and supportive.
In a former life, I lived in the Philippines and learned a couple languages, home schooled my two sons and otherwise stayed out of trouble When I returned from that commitment, I experienced some life upheaval and found myself needing to create a new career. Going back to school myself was the deal. I finished my degrees and became self employed, one of the best things ever. I started ‪#‎SunrayCounseling‬ and continue to love working with couples.
With schooling complete and my family grown, I found time to express my artistic side in a more expanded way by painting with acrylics, using social media and also establishing a web presence for ‪#‎SherylBrownArt‬. This is total fun for me. Every year I create more paintings than the year before, and even some with my 4 grandkids.
From a coaching connection, I got the picture about social media early on and have established myself on a number of platforms. I seem to gravitate most easily to Facebook because I am so visual and love conversations. I’m just technical enough to be dangerous, and enough to know when to appreciate others’ expertise

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