Likeable League #Takeaday Roundup with Elise Cohen Ho

Next up on the roundup is Elise Cohen Ho. Elise is a Likeable League member that is very active in the group. She not only promotes herself accordingly, but she also helps promote others. She is currently doing a 12 Week Get Healthy Fitness Challenge on Facebook too.

Elise Cohen Ho Likeable League #Takeaday Participant

I will let her tell you more about herself in her own words. You can find out more about her at her website Elise Cohen Ho

 I am a mom to three (15,17,19) and married 20+ years (met him almost 30 years ago). I love to go hiking and have recently taken up doing canyon runs. We have mountain lions around here so if I ever disappear I may have been eaten.
I am a PhD student who already holds umpteen certifications (Nutrition, Herbalism, Anti-Aging, etc). I will earn my Phd in Natural Medicine and Naturopathic Psychology and I have a background in Sociology. This keeps me VERY busy as you can imagine. I have always been a perpetual student and I love studying. I graduated from high school at 15 and got my first degree before I was 18.

My burning passion is to help people achieve their dreams and it runs through all parts of my life, both personally and professionally.

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