Likeable League #Takeaday Roundup: Roslyn Tanner Evans

Roslyn of Earth and Moon Design is the talented jewelry maker in our merry band of likeable members. I keep telling myself that one day I will own some of her jewelry. While writing this post I took a gander over at her site and saw these two lovely sets I would love to own someday. Garnet is my birthstone and I love rose quartz. I am told that is is supposed to draw love to you. One of these days that might happen? Right? A Girl can dream.

You can learn more about Roslyn at her site Earth and Moon Design.


Roslyn Tanner Evans of Earth and Moon Designs and #Takeaday Participant.

I will let her tell you more about herself in her own words.

I became an unexpected jewelry entrepreneur when I realized I was too young to retire. After all, I’d juggled work as a career counselor, parenting, and community involvement for over 30 years. How could I learn to just sit still? Was I even supposed to? No – that didn’t seem right. How did I get here?
In a few weeks I am turning 75 and it is so natural to look back at how my life has evolved. We all have a story to tell and I am no different but what almost slipped by unnoticed was how many times I reinvented myself or caused the direction of my life. Raised in a foster care system, it was expected that I would be self supporting upon high school graduation. Ironically I was doing poorly in my secretarial studies (still a 1 finger typist) and a wonderful home room teacher who posted my honor grades in her book, kept asking me why I was not planning to go to a free college.Once I told her my history, she asked to speak to my social worker and said ‘rules can be changed’. After many meetings, battery of tests, etc, I was allowed to switch in my junior year of high school to an academic track. I had to graduate with my friends, so I doubled up on all the subjects I had never taken. The agency paid my room and board for 4 years while i worked part time in a community center for pocket change. I moved out of my foster home after 1 year of college. By that time my best friends were married and having babies and I was exposed to the riches that life had to offer. I was the first female foster child to be granted the right to go to college from that agency. This was only 1 of many opportunities that shaped my life.
People ask me why I am always so busy. Why can’t I stay ‘retired’. I loved everything I did, never missed a kids play or concert and made it all work. I thrived on the challenges I faced and truly thought I would take it easy when I retired. Little did I know my biggest challenge was yet to come.

It didn’t take long for me to fill my ‘retired’ calendar with travel, lunches, reading, etc and classes. One of those was a 2 hour class on beading. I left excited as I found a craft hobby that appealed to me. I had no idea I had a talent for design. It was so hidden from my view all the years I dealt with people, not crafts. Friends supported my designs with home parties and then I had to go out to the public. Knowing nothing about this process, I was shocked to discover I should have applied 6 months in advance. Fortunately my local chamber of commerce gave me a late entry and before I knew it I had to create a business to participate. Licensing, business cards, credit cards, tent, tables, displays, a company name,etc. My daughter offered to help me the day of my 1st show.

That was when my business was really created. She got hooked on beading and for 6 years BeadZbyRoZ was a vendor at 20-25 indoor and outdoor shows per year. We had a website my techie son helped us create for credibility and ALONG CAME KERI.
I started playing with a Facebook page a few years ago, reading and learning about social media marketing when I discovered Keri’s wisdom. I became a top fan of hers and Keri with her buddy Kittie did a critique of my website. It took me 2 years to act upon their suggestions and it was really the fact that neither my daughter or myself could continue with the strenuous task of doing shows as a means to sell our jewelry that led me to hire Kittie Walker to design a new website. I joined Keri’s mentoring program and in Nov 2013, re-branded to

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