Likeable League #Takeaday Roundup: Frithjof Petscheleit

June got away from me around the time I was getting my son ready for camp. Which is why I didn’t finish up my #Takeaday roundup in June as I had planned. Frithjof Petscheleit is the next person in my #Takeaday roundup. His trademark pic of him holding a blue bird is fun and makes his brand easy to remember and of course accurately fits his business name Bluebird Business Consulting. So I now let him tell you a little bit about himself:


Time flies, when I picked the 27th I was hoping to be done with my re-branding from Bluebird Business Consulting to BlueBird Business Consulting. Some of the elements are in place, some others are in limbo.
While my business is mainly focused on local small business I have a few services that might be helpful to you. I will tell you about those later today but for now here is what I do in a nutshell.

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Wildheart Social Media provides social media consultation for small business owners. With respect to focusing on educating small business owners on how to use social media and the Internet so those exact same business owners have the confidence they need to engage their audience online.

Wildheart Social Media is the only Topeka business that does only social media.
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