I Deliberately Haven’t Promoted My Site and Here’s Why

I’ve been deliberately not posting since I announced I am back. I am doing an experiment/case study. I wanted to see what my traffic looks like with barely promoting anything on my site. Just letting the winds of fate fall where they may. To say I have been surprised by my findings is not a surprise at all.

The thing is when you have a site, you may certainly just let it sit there and hope that you get traffic. However, you have to push, push and push to drive traffic to your hub. Your site is the hub of your business online. Everything you do you should be driving back to home base. Yes I know these are cliche’s.

I want to share with you what roughly two weeks of inbound traffic growth looks like for my site since the not really a re-launch launch. Keep in mind this is traffic that I haven’t done much in the way of promoting to get people to come here and check me out.

March 1 2015

  • Blog Ping services 8
    Facebook 2
    Twitter 1

March 4 2015

  • Facebook-4

March 5 2015

  • Facebook 4
    Twitter 2

March 7th 2015

  • Twitter 4
    Facebook 4
    Joy Healey 2
    about.me 1

March 9th

  • Twitter 5
    Facebook 4
    Joy Healey 2
    about.me 1

March 12th

  • Joy Healey 3
    about.me 1
    Twitter 5
    Facebook 4

March 14th

  • Joy Healey 4

March 15th

  • Twitter 8

March 16th

  • Joy Healey 5

The only things I did here are as follows:

It isn’t enough to just throw a link out there and wonder if people are clicking on it or even hope they click on it. You have to not only throw the link out there, but you have to work to drive your audience to your site. I want to say here that with all things being equal when I apply my same logic to my own practices I have seen my previous digital design blog and my Wildheart’s Web 2.0 blog reach as high as a PR 3. I worked my ass off to get to that spot and I have no doubt that with the same hard work and determination it will happen here.

Remember sites like Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkdIn, Pinterest, about.me, and Instagram to name a few are borrowed real estate online. These should be treated like the funnel to your site. With that being said though you don’t want to spam your networks either. There are reputable ways to drive traffic to your site on these platforms. I will share in detail that with you at a later time. A sample of some reputable ways in the meantime are commenting on peoples blogs, e-mail signatures and guest posting.









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