How to Send Traffic Back to Your Site

When you set up a blog or site it is important that you point everything back to your own real estate. While Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many other sites are awesome to hang out on they are borrowed real estate. Also Facebook and Instagram do go down on more than one occasion. Twitter is also prone to it’s glitches albeit they have gotten way better IMHO. The only time I have seen issues with them is when I am on an intense stream that throttles my API. I will show you where you can find out the status of these sites later on.

So how do you point people to your own real estate on these platforms? Click To Tweet

At the basic level for Facebook there are two places where you can insert your link.




With Twitter there is one place to insert your link.


TwitterlinkaddPinterest also allows you to add links:


PinterestlinkaddThis is just a sample of where you can add your sites links in the various social media platforms.

There are other opportunities to drive traffic back to your site.

Commenting on blogs

When you comment on a blog there is more often than not a field that allows you to plug in your link. Many blog owners make this an optional requirement in submitting your comment. My site gives you the option to include your site when submitting your comments. The only two required fields are your name and e-mail. Once you submit your site link your name then becomes a link to your site. So if someone wants to learn more about a specific commenter on a blog post thread all they have to do is click on their name and it will then take them to your site. Once they click that registers as a hit on your site. So commenting on blogs is a win win for all parties involved.

Guest posting

When you guest post on another bloggers site more often than not they let you link back to your blog. When I used to guest post on Scraps of Mind I was able to put my link back to my site at the beginning of my weekly posts via my little intro blurb. Karen was fabulous to guest post for by the way. My weekly segment there was called Texture Tuesday with Wildheart.


E-mail signatures

I use Wisestamp which is integrated with G-Mail now and also is a Firefox plug-in. With Wisestamp you can not only add your site, but you can point to all of your businesses social network accounts. There is also an extension for Chrome.

So these are just a few ways in which you can drive traffic back to your site. I will cover more in a later blog post.


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