Faith and Hard Work Come Together to Help Achieve Awesomeness

When I was trying to make my trip to New York to speak in 2012 my faith was tested in so many ways. I wanted this so bad and I was trying hell or high water to get there. You know how they say if you want something bad enough you have to be willing to do the work to get what you want. Well I also believe that the Lord helps those who help themselves so in true Joe Cheray fashion I knew the only way God was going to help me get on that stage was if I met him half way and did my part. I raised enough money to get my plane ticket, reserve my room, and still have enough money left over to have a little spending money. As a speaker for the #140conf everything was provided as far as a ticket to the event and meals once you were there, however the expense to get there was on our shoulders.


Last year I wanted to go but knew it would be damn neared impossible without a Hail Mary. Again my faith in whatever entity out there in the universe that balances karma was tested, but also rewarded for doing the work I needed to do to get there. A ticket was provided to me, transportation to and from the airport and the Greyhound came together. My son was taken care of. I had a place to stay that I didn’t have to pay for and I got to hang out with friends I had made the year before. During this time I was also asked by Brian Pitman to go out to Vegas about 3 months before. Talk about craziness. I had just gotten home from Vegas and was still working on getting out to New York LOL. In Vegas everything came together. The lovely parents of Chris Brogan, Steve and Diane Brogan showed me some awesome Vegas hospitality. I had transportation to and from the airport again and overall it was just one of those “I love it when a plan comes together” moments.

Somewhere in all that craziness I even managed to have dinner at Arthur Bryant’s with Chris Voss and I got to go to Word Camp KC in 2011.

When I went to Hutchinson to speak, again things came together. I put in the leg work to get there. Des Moines was the same way. I didn’t stay in luxury accommodations in either place but they were comfortable and clean. I have done enough traveling and moving around that I know how to get things done on a budget.

#140SmallTown and #140DM

The other caveat I want to mention here is that you also have to treat others the way you would want to be treated. I probably would not have gotten any of this if I had not learned to be patient with people and circumstances.

My message here is if you want something bad enough in your business yes you have to have faith, but also you have to be willing to put forth the work to make happen whatever it is you want to happen. Now admittedly this year I haven’t been working as hard to find speaking engagements because this summer I wanted to relax and just enjoy being to myself, but I have been working on other things like my Fiverr gigs and finding some freelance writing work. The drive is still there to make something happen, however the focus has shifted as to what I want to achieve.

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