Co-Working. Is It Right for Your Business?

I was asked to write a post about co-working spaces and how they help small business owners grow their business. In doing so I took for granted how big the co-work/shared office space ecosystem really is. I posted the following question to a couple of the Facebook groups I belong to and in The Secret…

#AtomicChat Re-cap for March 7th

Every week I participate in #AtomicChat hosted by @Atomic_Reach. This weeks topic was a timely topic talking about repurposing content. In my blog workshop this month I am addressing repurposing content you create on the web for your blog. Do you have any creative ways you repurpose content? Please share them below in the comments.…

#AtomicChat Re-Cap for This Week

Here is this weeks re-cap of #AtomicChat with Melissa DiVietri. This week we talked about social media strategy for brands! #AtomicChat is held every Monday at 8 PM CST on a Twitter client near you. [View the story “#AtomicChat: Melissa DiVietri On How To Productively Schedule Your Social Media Content As A Brand” on Storify]

Website Wednesday Round-Up

Last week I started a feature on my Facebook page called Website Wednesday. I opened up my page to let others share their websites with my audience. I had eight business owners share their sites with me. Enjoy the List. Wildheart’s Website Wednesday Round-Up View more lists from Joe Cheray

#AtomicChat Re-Cap With Guest Bree Kelley

This is this weeks re-cap of #AtomicChat a chat that I participate in each week. It covers everything from content marketing to content generation to tools to community around the tools discussed.     [View the story “#AtomicChat: Bree Kelley On How To Be A Successful Community Manager For Your Business ” on Storify]

What Is Fiverr® and Why Does It Make Good Business Sense?

Why does Fiverr® make good business sense and why bother with a service where you’re literally starting at $5 in what you charge to do something for someone? Also I am going to give you the low down from my experience. But first some back story. I joined Fiverr® about two yrs ago and for…

How to Send Traffic Back to Your Site

When you set up a blog or site it is important that you point everything back to your own real estate. While Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many other sites are awesome to hang out on they are borrowed real estate. Also Facebook and Instagram do go down on more than one occasion.…