Blogging Is Not Dead

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Blogging is very much alive and still in demand today. There is a whole chat on Twitter each Sunday at 8 PM central time dedicated to all things blogging called #BlogChat hosted by Mack Collier. There are dedicated challenges related to blogging. There are blogs on blogging. Books have been and are continuing to be written on blogging. Tools are developed for blogging such as Atomic Writer. If you do a search for Blogging on Google  you will find that there are 117,000,000 results for search for that term. A search on Amazon yields 1,639 items in blogs and blogging in the books category. Forget tallying up anything tangible on Pinterest. I will provide a screen shot to show you the huge amount of information for just the term blogging alone over there. Conversely if you do a search for is blogging dead you get about 15,100,000 results on Google. Seriously If you want to fact check me go do the same exercise for yourself.

Pinterest Blogging Search

A sample search for the term blogging on Pinterest. Click to enlarge the image.

I say if you want to blog do so. Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t because it is a dying medium. However, if you do blog I urge you to take pride in your blog. Do the basic things to keep it fresh as well as keep it from getting hacked. If you do like I do here and use a static homepage as your welcome mat keep it up to date and change it as needed. Check your comments regularly to make sure there are no spam comments. I recommend that you hold initial first time comments for moderation. I will show you how to do this.

Discussion Settings

Comment Moderation Options.

This way if you get spam comments that make it through your spam filters – which you should have – they will be held for approval. Keep your plug-ins up to date. Hackers like to find weaknesses in out of date plug-ins. Also if your plug-ins are out of date your blog won’t function the way you want it to work. Keep your theme up to date too. Again hackers will do the same with your themes code by exploiting weaknesses. Keep your current version of Word Press up to date too. If nothing else, if you never blog but once a month at least do these bare minimum tasks.

If you’re a business owner and blogging you should do those tasks or have someone else do them no excuses. Your site is YOUR businesses real estate online. If you neglect your site imagine the message you’re sending to people who are looking for you online. Admittedly I don’t blog as often as I would like to as other tasks of growing my business have taken over this year, however I do keep my basic site maintenance up because I want people to have an unhindered experience when they come to my site. I sincerely hope that people feel like I provide that for them.

So get out there and start blogging. Let me know where you blog at in the comments below.



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