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In the latter part of 2015 I decided to start a blogging workshop because I felt the need for one here in Topeka. I had a small stumble with the way I started out in respect to how I marketed it last month. I couldn’t figure out if Blog Meet-up or Blog workshop would get the most folks in the door and about halfway through I changed directions with my message. So I started out calling it a meet-up and then it changed over to workshop. I had three people attend last month and one person attend this month. I don’t consider either number a failure. Blogging isn’t something people just do in my community.

This month I decided it was going to permanently be a monthly blogging workshop. This was after listening to those who attended last month. After I gain some steam with regular attendees I hope to be able to have a meet-up cookout or something a little less formal about twice a year. The encouragement to get something like this going came from my amazing support from the #BlogChat community on Twitter. I had so many people tell me to just do it. So I decided to just get out of my own way and get something started.

This month the workshop was focused on our blog goals for 2016.

I am going to share with you what my goals are for 2016. Click To Tweet
  1. Increase posting to more than once a month – bad thing about being a solopreneur is when you get focused on building your business out in one area there is invariably another area that gets neglected.
  2. Increase inbound and outbound blog traffic
  3. Get core metrics back up before monetizing
  4. Increase community outreach and internal blog community
  5. Develop the monthly blog workshops.

I had a chance to drill down my metrics for the last year or so and while I promise to not be hard on myself, I will say I didn’t like what I saw on paper. Although I will say that my traffic steadily came from Facebook and Twitter so that is a good thing. It solidifies the one thing I preach to everyone. Twitter is a necessary platform to your marketing hub. There will be a blog post on this later.

With that being said after looking at my Pinterest metrics I noted that people who were interested in Twitter, Facebook, e-mail marketing, and tech viewed my boards the most so I will be doing more blog posts with this information in mind. I also noticed that people who were interested in Canva viewed my boards so I will be writing more posts on that one too.

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