An Introduction to a Feed Reader: Feedly

Since the 2012 copyright of Problogger Google killed Google reader in July of 2013. When I started reading chapter 1 on page 3 they talk about syndication and I remembered Ed Dale showing people how to use from last years Challenge and so I decided to finally use it to keep track of all of the blogs who have decided to jump along for the ride. In doing a preliminary search of current videos for how to set up I have only been able to find videos from the first half of 2013. Since then it has changed a bit.

Feedly Sign In Screen.

This is a screen shot of what the sign in screen looks like from my phone’s app store and it looks the same on desktop.

Here is a sample of what the home screen will look like once you get in.

Sample Screen Shot of Home Screen within Feedly.

I went ahead and set it up using my Twitter nic. It is very easy to do. I also installed the Notifier extension for Firefox so I can be notified when participating blogs have new content to check out. Blogs that have a way to subscribe via RSS I was able to add them via their RSS. For those who don’t know what RSS is it means Really Simple Syndication.

The first cardinal rule of blogging I learned was to have your RSS and contact information as close to above the fold as possible so people don’t have to hunt around your site to find a way to connect with you on other channels. The fold is the area of the screen before you have to start scrolling to go down the page. This also applies to mobile. Now if you come across a blog that doesn’t have an RSS subscribe button you can copy and paste the URL to the appropriate field in where it says Add Content. Additionally you can also instal the plug-in for Word Press which allows you to have a Follow button that floats in either the lower right or lower left of your site. In today’s world since you also have to take mobile into account I would suggest placing it in the lower right hand corner so that there isn’t a chance of it overlapping your content on smaller screens.


In speaking to mobile for a moment when you are adding things to your site you want to make sure that you are testing your changes to see how they look across all devices in addition to the standard cross browser check.

So I am going to stop here as I know there are folks who will need time to absorb what I have just posted. I will do a video this week showing you how to do all of these things. For now I want everyone who has signed up to do this with me to sign up with Feedly if you haven’t already and go through my post listing the blogs participating, create a collection called Problogger Blogging Experiment and add all of the blogs to this collection so you have easy access to who is participating.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below. Also I have room for 3 more people so if you know anyone who wants to take their blog up a notch please let them know what I am doing here.



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2 thoughts on “An Introduction to a Feed Reader: Feedly

  1. Hi Joe,

    Digging your breezy writing style.

    This post about made me feed readers made me realize I’ve neglected to optimize my blog for RSS. An oversight I plan to fix before day’s end.
    Thank you,
    Edward Thorpe

  2. Let me know how you get along with Feedly. I have found so far it is a very easy reader substitute for Google Reader. The interface is pretty straightforward.

    Thank you for the compliment on my writing too 🙂

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