A Likeable League #Takeaday Roundup with Keri Francek Jaehnig

Last month as many of you know I participated in a collaborative activity called #Takeaday in May in the Facebook group I belong to called Likeable League. It is a great little group full of advice, support, and tips for entrepreneurs from all walks of life. I decided to give the ones that participated a little additional exposure and highlight them here on my blog. After all sharing is what being social in social media is all about. So without further adieu in her own words I will let Keri Francek Jaehing of Idea Girl Media give you a little bit of her story.

Our Likeable League Founder and #Takeaday participant.

Intro Of My Business:While I have held employment positions, I’ve been self-employed most of my working career…
When I was working in international educational exchange, my work required me to market programs with big results on a very limited or even no budget. This led me to get quite creative, and I became known as “the idea girl,” because I was not afraid to think outside the box, or even abandon it! That said, this is where my sales and marketing skills began to blend and flourish.
I loved my work, yet wanted to grow. My business was first incorporated as Culturally Connected LLC as a consulting service that allowed me to serve the field I was working in, but also develop programs and flex my marketing muscles. Email marketing was something I did well. In my geographic area, I paved the path for use of it in political campaigns.
When the world changed in 2008, my business was growing, but my personal situation required me to evaluate and find complimentary areas that could make my business more marketable and profitable. I chose to pair email marketing with social media marketing.
Not completely social savvy, I took every opportunity to train with known experts and research on my own to position myself and my business as a quality marketing source. I took a few minor assignments to gain experience, but did not formally offer social media marketing services until I felt I had earned my place there.
In early 2010 I formally began using the business name Idea Girl Media and began offering social media marketing services to small businesses. Later, I re-focused to work with business brands, public figures and some non-profits.
Idea Girl Media offers social media marketing, social media mentoring, content marketing, email marketing, business consulting, with interest in mobile marketing and where that is taking us all.
During the Spring, Summer & early Autumn, I enjoy working in my “outdoor office” – Here’s a quick video tour: http://instagram.com/p/opAf3ZKWid/

To learn more about Keri visit her site at Idea Girl Media and be sure to follow her where she hangs out online.

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