A Glimpse Into My Social Media Food World

I am running a few posts behind on the Magic Up Your Blog challenge and that’s okay. Food is the prompt for Day 3. How does food and social media play together you ask? Let me enlighten you. On any given day I log in to Facebook and see my friends posting pictures of their lunch, breakfast, supper, snacks or recipes they would love to try. In my Twitter stream I see people I follow post yummy food porn. Just today I learned that my favorite cupcake place – Baked by Melissa – in New York City is now delivering nationwide for a short period of time via my friend Tiffany Peterson tagging me on Facebook.

Every social media platform there is enables us to share what we are eating, what we would like to eat, who we are eating it with, and all things foodie related.

I post a lot of stuff about bacon. I also post about chocolate, potatoes, and wine. Oh and let’s not forget my most favorite beverage my go to Diet Pepsi. Don’t get me started that it is bad for me. We are all going to die sometime and it is the one thing that gets me going when I am ready to get going. To me Diet Pepsi is what coffee is to almost all of my other friends who have to have it first thing in the morning. Last but not least ice cream is one more thing I post about.

Also you can’t blog on a growling stomach. I have tried once or twice and it is impossible to concentrate on what I want to say when I am hungry. I am learning to have some snacks on hand so when the hunger starts creeping in I can fight it off.

I would now like to share with you some food porn that I have collected over the last few yrs.

I would love to hear about your food adventures. Share them with me please.

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