30 Day List Building Challenge: Day 6 Through Day 10

30 Day List Building Challenge


When we last left my progress in the 30 day list building challenge I had just given a summary of day 1 through day 5. In this post I am going to give you an update on day 6 through day 10.

In Day 6 Sue asks us to think about out what we can offer to our e-mail subscribers. Last year Martha Giffen challenged us to give a tip a day for a month on our Facebook business pages. I gave a tip a day for about 16 days thus coming up with 16 tips for social media for businesses. I decided to go with compiling these into a report. This is also going to go hand in hand in another project I am partnering with Kelli Smithgal on which is a collaborative project to be completed by end of first business quarter of 2015.

On Day 7 we look at what format to go with in delivering our offer. I think Kelli and I are going to go with an e-Book or maybe a report. We still need to hash out that detail.

Day 8 is about setting up your auto responder and e-mail list. Sue demonstrated how to set this up using A-Weber. I have had an account set up with Mail Chimp so I have decided to go with them. In Mail Chimp they have changed Auto Responders to Automation. However, once you click on Automation it takes you to where you set up your auto responder. I also have had a list from a previous list building challenge I was involved in so this is going to give me a good opportunity to expand and nurture the existing list I have.

Day 9 is showing us how to set up our opt in form. Again Sue uses Aweber. I am using Mail Chimp. Mail Chimp offers a vast variety of rich full featured themes and templates for just about every need for whatever your purpose is.

Finally on Day 10 talks about the squeeze page for your offer. I found a plug-in called Ultimate Landing Page. It’s pretty easy and straightforward to use. The premium version allows for Mail Chimp integration so I will be looking at purchasing this at a later date. The only con to this plug in is that you only get one free template but it is a decent template.

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11 thoughts on “30 Day List Building Challenge: Day 6 Through Day 10

    • Thank you Terry. It’s been an eye opening experience so far for sure. It’s also helping me stay focused on getting this e-Book done and off the digital shelf.

  1. Ah Joe,

    You put me to shame…. I collapsed in a helpless heap of “other things to do” very early on in the challenge 🙁

    However, to my slight defense, despite being busy in my offline business, I have over the last month written one free ebook and almost released my first ever paid Internet Marketing product. So those are my reasons (or excuses) for failing in the list building challenge.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

    • No need to defend yourself to me Joy. 😀 There is no judgement here. I tried to tackle the #NaBloPloMo challenge this month and got one post done so far. I Googled blog challenges and it came up. I checked it out and had all good intentions to keep at it. I will make another stab soon.

  2. I’ve not had time to implement the 30 days list building yet as my website isn’t active (building a new one with a ecommerce shop). Once it comes live then I’ll start putting it to use for now it has it’s own little folder. Have a wonderful week Anita

    • Anita there are still activities there that you can implement while building your new website. However, I am glad that you’re saving the challenge so you can tackle it when you’re ready. 🙂

  3. I saved all the emails so I can go through it when I’m ready to build a list. I’m still in the building a blog and my 1st product yet to worry about list building. But I love this recap. Gives me a good idea of what to look forward to. I love that Sue did this

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