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FirstStepWildheart Social Media provides social media consultation for small business owners. We focus on educating small business owners on how to use social media and the Internet so they can have the confidence they need to engage their audience online.Wildheart Social Media is a operates in Topeka Kansas. We are engagement focused and engagement driven.

How did Wildheart Social Media come about?
Wildheart Social Media is an extension of Joe Cheray’s design nic wildheart4vr. She has always felt like a free spirit and when she got on the Internet it was no different. She never felt that she needed to fit into a mold. She still doesn’t fit into any mold. To her wildheart4vr translated into free spirit forever. Her first major blog was titled Wildheart’s Works – a digital art blog dedicated to her processes in learning how to design in Paint Shop Pro. She decided that when she went into the business of social media consulting that she would stick with that brand line and so she decided on Wildheart Social Media.

How did Joe Cheray get interested in social media consulting?
During her time doing digital art she became familiar with the many platforms and methods that were out there to spread the word about what she was writing about. Many thanks to Ed Dale and Yaro Starak for that. Yaro taught her how to blog and Ed taught her the marketing aspect of it. After a successful run with her digital design blog and subsequent demise through no fault of her own she wondered what else was there out there for her to sink her teeth into that would challenge her as much as blogging did. She went awhile without blogging and then she launched Wildheart’s Web 2.0. It was a blog she dedicated to all things Internet. Again it became fairly successful and then hit bottom after she ran into some issues in her personal life that affected her ability to keep it going.

Watch her video with Yaro Starak talking about Blog Mastermind:

Then her light bulb moment was during a time when a friend from church kept encouraging her to go into the business of showing people how to navigate the Internet. At first she thought with as saturated as the market had become with so many jumping on the wagon she didn’t have a chance. Then, she was like “I can do this. Lord sake I had had two blogs in competitive niches that did very well in their time on the net. I can do social media consulting for small business owners and individuals.” So in classic Joe Cheray style she jumped in feet first and immersed herself in the niche.

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